Performance marketing is the number one coupon portal designed for the weekly shopping. Permanently on offer is a wide selection of coupons for leading German high street brand products. Site visitors can order the coupons by mail or print them themselves at home and redeem these in more than 20,000 grocery retail outlets. To be introduced in 2019 is a system whereby customers will be able to redeem coupons directly at check-outs using their smartphones.

TV promotional campaigns

We make commercials for brand products designed to address TV audiences. Contact us to learn about our next TV-based project.

Facts both motivates consumers to purchase the relevant products and delivers measureable results. Consumers are addressed at a particularly relevant moment, namely at the time they are planning their weekly shop. Our optional promotional add-ons mean that your campaign will not only be running online, but also – if you so wish – on TV, at the POS and in print form.

  • Extensive coverage (incl. >200,000 affiliated newsletter subscribers)
  • 360-degree coupon distribution (online, mobile, POS, print, TV)
  • Perfect brand showcasing (using features such as videos, recipe suggestions, etc.)
  • Optional social media add-on (Facebook posts)
  • Distribution to selected target groups possible
  • Performance-based charges
  • Top redemption rates (5% to 20%)

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