Brand manufacturers

Since 2000, we have been running sales promotion campaigns for consumer products manufacturers. For this purpose, we work closely with the various retailers to ensure that our concepts are successful.

Consulting, media solutions and clearing

Make use of our many years of experience in the sales promotion sector. For instance, we can show you how to best launch a new product, enhance customer loyalty, undertake B2B projects or handle a strategic sales campaign in connection with a particular retailer. By offering our in-house coupon concepts and related coupon clearing services, we also assume responsibility for the success of your project. Why not get in touch with us?

Media solutions

Digital couponing
Digital couponing
Our manufacturer- and retailer-friendly platform provides online and mobile access to customers and can stimulate sales significantly.
Print couponing
Print couponing
We can make your coupons available through flyers and promotional print media, such as EinkaufAktuell.
Check-out couponing
Check-out couponing
Benefit from our targeted, basket-linked POS coupon distribution service.
Counter coupons
Counter coupons
Address your customers successfully at the POS.

Offered through are universal coupons for leading foodstuff and drugstore products that can be redeemed in more than 30,000 sales outlets. Benefit from perfect brand showcasing and verifiable stimulation of your sales.

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Kino campaigns

Kinocoupons are the perfect award for your sales promotions. With Acardo campaigns can be handled flexibly, securely and at fair billing conditions.

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Reporting Tool

With our modern Web-Tool you are able to get a accurate overview about the performance of your campaign in live time.

  • Updated daily indicies about all Acardo retailers
  • Distrubution and upholding over time
  • Upholdings toward Nielsen-regions
  • Upholdings toward retailers
  • Budget consumption


Are you planning a money-back guarantee or a cinema voucher fulfillment as a reward and need a landing page? No problem, we program the website according to your design specifications and take care of the connection to possible backend systems.

  • Program the landing pages
  • Linking to backend-systems (e.g. for fulfillment)
  • Transferring digital awards (e.g. Kinocoupons)
  • Reports


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