Digital movie vouchers

acardo has been operating the only comprehensive network for digital movie vouchers since 2013. Now more than 400 cinema theatres (including the top five cinema chains) benefit from our concept. This allows distributors and their partners to employ new options, such as email distribution, and to profit from the simplified voucher processing system. The innovative concept can be used for vouchers used by distributors, discount coupons, vouchers issued by consumer products manufacturers and vouchers redeemed from smartphones.

Simple and safe

Processing at the box office or check-out is child’s play; vouchers just need to be scanned. All relevant voucher information is automatically uploaded from the central acardo server on, for example, validity, value and any special conditions applying to redemption, such as film title. This provides for complete counterfeiting protection of the otherwise problematic vouchers distributed by email. Moreover, vouchers no longer need to be posted to the distributor and accounting is simplified.

Benefits to film distributors and their partners

  • Various forms of vouchers are possible (e.g. free tickers, 2 for 1 vouchers, discount vouchers)
  • Only the actually redeemed vouchers are charged
  • One single account statement for all redeemed vouchers (film settlement remains fully separate)
  • Detailed online reporting
  • Vouchers can be distributed by email
  • From Q2 2018, voucher redemption using smartphones will be possible

Benefits to cinema operators

  • The increasing numbers of cinema vouchers being managed through the acardo system is helping push up cinema attendance figures
  • Automatic monthly reimbursement of all costs
  • Tiresome chores, such as the counting and submission of and invoicing for vouchers, are no longer necessary
  • Compatible with COMPESO, Cinetixx,, MARS EDV und Vista
  • Use of the acardo system is free; however payment of a one-off set-up fee by the cash register manufacturer may be necessary


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